Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plan aimed to support women in skilled trades-Canada

Plan aimed to support women in skilled trades The Telegram

The provincial government announced today an initiative designed to increase the number of women registering for skilled trades programs in the province and successfully completing their apprenticeship training.

The Department of Education recently signed a $100,000 contract with the Carpenters Millwright Union in this regard.

Education Minister Joan Burke said the goal is to increase female participation in non-traditional skilled trades.

“We have now entered into our second contract to enhance the placement of female apprentices in the workplace,” Burke said. “With this funding, the union will establish an office of women in apprenticeship, develop an inventory of women apprentices, and establish a work-placement program to ensure women apprentices are finding the training they need to complete their programs.”

Burke said the union will also work with employers and companies to ensure their commitments to hiring women apprentices have been met. In addition, the union will design a provincial awareness campaign highlighting the need to expand female participation in apprenticeship, targetting post-secondary institutions, workplaces, industry associations and trade unions.


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