Sunday, January 10, 2010

Carpenters Sign on to U.S. Army's Employer Partnership

Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters

Second Vice President Gary Perinar, representing the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, on August 5 signed the United States Army Reserve's and National Guard's Employer Partnership Initiative.

The initiative is important for both employers, the Army Reserve and the National Guard to collaborate on promoting the inherent benefits of a shared workforce while addressing the challenges and methods unique to employing warrior-citizens. In July, the U.S. Army Reserve launched a partnership, under the Army Reserve Employer Partnership Initiative (EPI), with Helmets to Hardhats, a nonprofit program that connects America's military service members with quality career opportunities in the building and construction trades. For the first time since EPI's inception, the Army National Guard will also benefit from this partnership.

"Union carpenters get two careers, one with the Army Reserve and the other with our signatory contractors," said Perinar. "This double opportunity gives stability to our members and their families and enhanced opportunities to achieve their military career goals."

Gary Perinar joined other business and government dignitaries at the signing to improve the lives of more than one million talented Army Reserve Soldiers. Many of these warrior-citizens, like our union carpenters, possess advanced skills, certifications and training, and become more valuable in maintaining our military readiness for the benefit of our nation.


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