Friday, February 26, 2010

United Brotherhood of Carpenters announces the 3rd UBC Women's Conference June 17-20, 2010

The official website for the 2010 UBC Women's Conference is

Women’s Conference to Celebrate ‘Breaking New Ground’

All female UBC members are invited to the 2010 Sisters in the Brotherhood conference, June 17 – 20, at the International Training Center in Las Vegas.

With ‘Breaking New Ground’ as its theme, the conference will be a chance for UBC women to share their own experiences while learning about the union’s groundbreaking work in organizing, political action, training and cultivating new leaders.

Conference co-chairs are UBC Representatives JoAnn Williams of the St. Louis Missouri District Council, and Liz Skidmore of the New England Regional Council.

Steering Committee

Back (L to R): Isabelle DiJeau, Bobbie Whitmore, Kina McAfee, Barb Pecks, Mary Ellen Renz, Marcia Gonzalez, Elly Spicer
Front (L to R): T Vincent, Rocky Hwasta, Liz Skidmore, JoAnn Williams, Cathy Pike


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